Order Service

Please read Before Ordering

1. 50% nonrefundable deposits on all orders

2. Order may take up to 5 -7 days to complete.  Larger orders may take longer.  rush order $5.00 to $50.00 fee per item.

3. Shipping takes 3 – 4 days to arrive once shipped (If applicable).

4. Order(s) are processed in the order in which it is received NOT when you request invoice.

5. Order(s) does not begin until payment/deposit is paid.

6. DO NOT request an invoice if you are not ready to pay when an invoice is requested.  Invoice will be cancelled after 24 hours if not paid.

7. If you request an invoice on Monday and are not ready to pay until Saturday, your order will not be placed until the following week.

* If you live in the State of Louisiana a 9.75% tax will apply to your order.

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